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Selection Committee

The Medina County Hall of Fame honors amateur and professional athletes from Medina County that have excelled in competition, been out of high school for at least 10 years and lived in the county for at least five years.


In addition, the Hall honors an outstanding county team and two special Olympians.


A Kiwanis Joe Tait Legacy Award is given to a community or school coach who ahs made a difference in the lives of their athletes.  


An Al Thomas award recipient is selected.  This award is for individuals who have support athletics within Medina county.


The Medina County Hall of Fame is governed by a selection committee composed of the current County Athletic Directors (7), representatives from the sports department at the Gazette (4), representatives from the Medina Breakfast Kiwanis Club (7), and a minimum of three past inductees.


The chair of the committee is a representative from the Medina Breakfast Kiwanis Club. 


The vice chair of the committee is the sports director of the Gazette.


Past inductee representatives are selected to serve a three-year term.  They may be selected for additional terms as agreed upon by the committee.  The Hall of Fame committee chair and vice chair make the recommendations for the past inductee positions on the committee.


The committee members receive nominations for the Hall of Fame from the community as well as provide nominations whom they deem eligible for the Hall.


The committee meets in April of each year to make the selections for the Hall.  Those selected are the inductees, outstanding team, Al Thomas award, Legacy Award, and any special recognitions the committee may deem appropriate.


The committee is also responsible for maintaining the Wall of Fame which is in the Medina City recreation center.


The Hall of Fame committee has designated the Medina Breakfast Kiwanis Club as the host and manager of the Hall of Fame Facebook page and website.

Hall of Fame Selection Committee


Roy Lehman, Chair, Medina Breakfast Kiwanis Club


Albert Grindle, Vice Chair, sports editor The Gazette


Jeanne Pritchard, past Inductee representative


Barb Hunter, past Inductee representative


Betty Szudlo, past Inductee representative


Rick Noland, The Gazette


Brad Bournival, The Gazette


Ted Gordon, Black River athletic director


John Justice, Brunswick athletic director


Tom Harrington, Buckeye athletic director


Craig Walkup, Cloverleaf athletic director


Nick Ranallo, Highland athletic director


Todd Hodkey, Medina athletic director


Brad Musgrave, Wadsworth athletic director


Alan Penn, Medina Breakfast Kiwanis Club


Dennis Diso, Medina Breakfast Kiwanis Club


Paul Kubis, Medina Breakfast Kiwanis Club


George Smiley, Medina Breakfast Kiwanis Club


Roger Biada, Medina Breakfast Kiwanis Club


Ray Fain, Medina Breakfast Kiwanis Club

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